Sunday, November 22, 2015

It's baaaaaaaaaaaackkkk....

It's back. Nearly as scary as a poltergiest, and probably more frustrating for ruining your art plans. It's your friendly neighborhood tremor. Well, not neighborhood, mostly just my hands and head.

Yes, I have a tremor. It seems to have it's fun when I am trying to hold my head or hands still. Like when you are trying to ink a piece you are working on in a really fine line. Or, you are trying to do detail work while painting. Maybe you want to use your exacto to cut some fine detail? What, you wanted to work on your blockprinting? HA. Ha. ha.

Sometimes trying to have a sense of humor about it helps. Sometimes, I just want to take a nap.

It's funny how this tremor always seems to know when I have tons of art commitments to finish. I assume it gets worse with stress but it's so frustrating and slows me down a LOT.

Anyways, back to arting! :)

Here are some recent cards I created for a Mugshots swap, I used their scientific name as their first and surname and gave them crimes that they might actually commit.

Brown Bear

Red Fox




  1. These are all freak'in awesome! ...hope your tremor's ease up.

  2. I absolutely adore these mugshots and laughed out loud when I read of their crimes lol! I have to deal with each one of these critters at my cabin and so I say they're all guilty as charged. :)

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