Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Opinions Anyone?

I wanted to see if anyone would like to share their opinion on giving art as a gift. Is it better to give to other artists or art lovers because they will probably appreciate it more? Or is it only OK if the gift of art is tailored to the recipient?

Recently I started gifting original personalized pieces to people, mainly family. It's always well thought-out in terms of the recipient's likes and style and of a quality that could be sold. I just have some reservations about it.

Am I obligating the recipient to show it in their home, even if it's not their style?

Is it "cheap" to give art? Or does it seem cheap?

Is it better to give originals, or are prints appropriate in some situations?

I am open to any conversations or ideas about giving art, but I have been mulling these questions over for the last few months. I don't know a ton of artists in my "real" life and the ones I do know mostly sell their art, rarely giving it as gifts, and almost never giving originals.

 Thoughts? Experiences? Comment below! :)


  1. I have the same reservations about giving art as gifts. If I do give it as a gift I prefer to give original work. Most of my art gifts are given to other artist...just like you said...because they understand how hard it is to create stuff.

    I feel comfortable to give art to my friends who know that I am into creating crafts. I feel like it's not a surprise outta no where...an idea they have to get used to. ...However, for the most part, I've had good reactions with homemade/handcrafted gifts. I feel like most people like it more than store bought.
    I say...try it out once on a person...if they have a good experience...you know that you can gift them art...if they were under well'ed...don't do it again. :)

  2. I think if you usually sell your art it is ok to give prints, unless you want it to be very special. If you are not in the habit of selling, just do as you please, if that means giving the original then why not? It might be more appreciated that way. I love to give away art tailored to the recipient because I am usually totally broke...

  3. Mynah- I totally agree with what you have said. I have been really careful about who I give things to, even to the point of avoiding giving someone something that I know they would like. If I have given someone something and they never use it, I don't tend to give them anything large after that. I don't think I have ever given anything to someone who isn't "family". It seems like my mom's generation really enjoys the handmade but my generation (30's and younger) are very hit and miss about whether they like handmade.

    Gemini Norn- Yes! The other artists I know only give prints because they sell their work. I am also usually totally broke and give originals too, but I wanted to ask other artists if they felt it was "cheap" to give art or if they heard other people saying as such.