Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas Time Is Here Again

I have promised myself I would make my own Christmas cards the last few years. Last year I painted  an adorable piece in watercolor. Then I spent about a month trying to figure out the best way to print cards from it, both image-wise and finances-wise. I eventually gave up and sent the cards I had left over from the year before.

This year is different. The art trading site that I trade on has a block print swap for Christmas themes. Perfect!I planned to hand tint my prints with watercolor but I found that I put enough work into carving the blocks that the prints didn're really need it.

The process of doing block printing is pretty easy and the financial outlay is relatively affordable if you are OK spending a little more time on your work. I will do a tutorial on block printing here soon if I get enough time. I am doing a little bit of everything right now including making pickles (not edible ones, and certainly NOT in the bed), binding books, and crocheting gifts for Christmas presents and swaps.

I think I smell a few more instructional posts coming around! Hopefully I will remember to take pictures as I work.

On to the art!

I printed this block with a color called "pewter" that has a subtle sparkle. I thought I was getting a basic matte grey but the sparkle is perfect. However, it is difficult to photograph because it changes color depending on the angle you are looking at it. This was one of my test prints on white paper. I will be doing the final prints on pale blue paper.

I guess I will be doing a block printing or a book binding post next. Keep an eye out!


  1. Great print! What kind of block ink were you using? Love the fact that it sparkles. :)

  2. I am actually using Speedball water-based ink in the color "Pewter". I remembered you shouldn't use oil-based ink on safety-kut or other soft lino-blocks like it. I like to see a color before I print with it and only Speedball is sold around me, so they win! :)

  3. This block print is lovely! maybe we can trade sometime? I now have the tools to carve my own block. I just need to do it!

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