Thursday, February 11, 2016

That escalated fast...

It won't be the first time. It also certainly won't be the last, but I have officially over-committed myself. I am almost positive I will finish everything, but there is always that nagging doubt.

Before the end of this month I  need to complete several art commitments. I have completed 18 out of 19 Valentines I need to for a swap. They are all unique, a few are like others but none of them are the same. I still need to make about 5-8 more for family and friends. I have to finish about 10 ATC's by the end of the month. I also agreed to send a few people some "love" in the form of art this month. I am incredibly excited to make so many fun new things and bring happiness to others, but I am slightly concerned. I also need to finish 3 domino books by mid-March at the latest. It doesn't seem like a lot when written out but I am adding up the hours each thing will take me in my head and grimmacing at my choices a little. 

Oh! I forgot I still need to live my life in between all of this. I know that my partner is kind and easy going but I am waiting for the day he decides he is tired of looking at my art supplies everywhere. I figure that I will come home one day and the walls, floors, and cats will be painted with all of the art supplies I have left out. I joke, but I can only imagine what it's like to live with an artist.

I am going to share some of the Valentines cards I have made in my next post. If you don't want to see what I might have made you, don't look too close. I will post the pics far down the page, but I am letting folks know now. Fair warning!


  1. The Valentines and Birthday postcards were crazy to make! I can't imagine how much more tough to make them all different is. I got good use out of my Gelli print plate. :)

  2. Having all different cards wasn't my best idea and I feel like I could have done more on each but I think it worked. :) Ohh.. I want to try a Gelli plate! How useful has it been for you?

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