Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Valentines Day Extravaganza!

Ok, ignore the title, it's not really that exciting. I don't usually make cards most years but the website I trade on had a Valentines swap so I decided it would be fun to do.

If you are from that site and don't want to see the card you might recieve, don't keep reading! :)

Let's also follow this up with the fact that I am not really a paper artist for the most part. I don't have a die-cut machine or many art punches. That means that everything I have created for these cards has been drawn and cut by hand, especially the hearts. All those hearts were cut by hand.

I found inspiration for several of these cards from hunting around Pinterest. Some of the cards might be familiar if you cruise craft sites. A few came from my crazy head. On several of them I tried new techniques. Well, techniques that were new to me. 

Away we go!

 This card was made by gluing tissue paper onto the card and then paint was dry brushed over to create the background. Used a die-cut heart which I then drew white lace on and filled part of the lace with silver ink.

 Much like the last card, a piece of tissue was glued onto a card and dry brushed with paints. Created a background by using silver ink and a stamp I carved. Then I then painted a heart with acrylic and gold ink.

One of the only hole punches I have is hearts. I punched out tons of them from leftover edges of paper and a tiny piece of tin foil. Then I glued them over hand drawn x's and o's.

 This card is actually shaped like a mason jar. I colored the "jar"with colored pencils and silver ink. Then I attached hearts. 

 Used a small piece of watercolor paper and cut it to look like an envelope as well as painting a few shadows on. I then took a bunch of hand cut hearts and glued them on.

 This is one of the cards I made by "embroidering" paper. It's actually pretty easy, draw your design, use a needle to punch holes throughout the design and then use a back-stitch to embroider your image in whatever colors you choose.

 Same idea as the card above!

 This is tough to see, but the background is watercolor paint loosely splashed on followed by splotches of silver ink. Then a die cut heart painted with white and silver ink to create lace around the border.

 This is probably my favorite- It is 5 watercolor hearts painted in pink and purple with a wet-on-wet technique. Then I punched two holes in each heart and attached them with brads so they can spin. The ribbon holds the hearts and can be used to hang them when extended like a banner.
 This is the hearts open. You can't see the ribbons well, but they are tied on the far right and left holes.

 A cut heart I covered in glitter. I then made the banner to go over it. Simple and cute

 I fastened two brads with holes. Then I glued some linen string into the brads and made the hearts look like they were "hanging".

 This looks pretty simple for what I actually did. I swirled several layers of acrylic on the background. Then I made the heart and outlined it in paint and silver ink. I finished with adding tiny hearts all over.

 This I found through a tutorial, but it's incredibly simple. Draw the heart outline and the word in pencil. Use frisket to paint over the word. Paint your watercolor and remove the frisket to reveal the word free of paint.

Watercolored background wash with a woven heart over. I cut two extended "u" shapes in the long part I cut uneven strips totalling about 7 per "u". I then latticed (or wove) the strips and glued together.

Another labor intensive card. I painted the entire background with acrylic. I then made another woven heart and glued it on. I think took white ink and painted the lace around the border.

Possibly the most time consuming of the bunch, a colored pencil background smoothed out and sealed. Painted acrylic clouds and then glued paper hearts over. Ink used for the balloon "strings".

And there are a few more, but I felt like this post was WAY long already. Hope you enjoy! If you have any questions or want any tutorials on any of the pieces, let me know in the comments! :)


  1. Absolutely stunning, each & evey one! Now I'm sorry I didn't do the Feb. EAU swap.:)

  2. Thank you Lindy Lu! If there were any more folks in the swap I might have died before I finished. ;) No, that's not true but it would have been lovely to have traded with you!

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