Saturday, August 6, 2016

What else have I been doing?

Recently I have been working on my embroidery. Right now, I am trading in a few swaps that will let me create any type of art I want within a theme (Halloween and Christmas!) . It's the perfect excuse to pull out the old hoop. Below I am sharing pieces in various states of completion. Some of what is here is for swaps, some of it is practice work, and some is just for shits and giggles! ;)

For the Halloween-themed swap I embroidered a Day of the Dead skull on some linen. It is about 5"x3" and I realized it was too large and too time consuming to do more than one or two of them -

I believe this skull is called the "Multicolored Time Suck"
It lead me to the sanity-saving decision of making them smaller. While looking around online for ideas for the swap I found a Halloween bunting that included skulls, bats, and pumpkins. Day of the Dead skulls just seemed like more fun.

The plan for the smaller (4'x2") skulls is to loosely stuff them and then attach them to a piece of chunky twine. They are obviously not done but there will be one for each color of the rainbow plus black and white, giving me 7 skulls total (Don't forget they removed the "I" from ROY G BIV!).

 These are the Blue and Orange skulls. They are both done as far as the embroidery but I haven't stuffed or completely sewn up either of them. That comes next.

These two are the Purple and Red skulls, both are very close to done. 

The last three skulls, yellow, green, and black/white are not close to done. I will post images when finished with everything.

At this point this particular project has taken me many more hours than I had anticipated. I believe it's taken me over 25 hours even though project is only 2/3 of the way done. I'm starting to wonder if I will be able to give these away? The further along I get the more I like them and remember that I never keep art I make for myself...

I believe this spider has learned human curse words while I was in the process of creating it.
 Speaking of Halloween embroidery, I also tried my hand at stump work in the spider above. Stump work is the process of embroidering a project in "3D". Essentially you embroider around a piece of wire or stuff material under your work to make it pop out. I had already drawn out a spider to embroider traditionally when I noticed that a stump work spider would be kind of horrifying and fun! The legs were done with wire and thread wrapped around them and the spider is "stuffed". I am hoping I can improve my skills before doing the final projects for my swaps.

Oh Virginia, you look so... pale and grey?

I also tried my hand at portraits. This one is Virginia Woolf and clearly, it's not done. I haven't finished the highlights and darkest darks but she is coming along. This project is my way of seeing if I would like to start embroidering more realistic subjects. If it works out I am mulling over a project creating portraits of famous female authors.

That's all folks! There is still one more post coming up about making block prints. Stay tuned! 

Questions? Concerns? Want me to create a tutorial for something? Need to scream into the void? Look down to the little box below and let me know!

 **I wanted to note that I didn't use any templates/patterns/designs to make these. I drew the image out and transferred it to the material it would be embroidered on - just wanted to clarify before people ask where I got the patterns/templates.**

Monday, August 1, 2016

What on earth have I been up to?

I have been working on several things recently that aren't watercolor. I have been doing some embroidery, cutting lino blocks for block prints and have done a little bit of watercolor in the form of more mail art.

I will share the watercolor art first because it's been what I have focused on the least. These are the fronts and backs of envelopes. Check out my previous mail art post for more about these envelopes! 

 This is my May envie done in the style of Japanese wood block prints

This is another May envelope which was my idea of what Snoopy and Woodstock would look like a little less stylized and cartoony.

This is the front and back of my June Envelope. Obviously Casablanca themed done in gouache and ink. I had some struggles but finished it.

 And finally my July envie. My partner asked for something to do with bees. The front has the bee and the back is the flowers.

 I'm going to end this post here and post another with all my other art. As always, ask questions, leave comments, tell me I am wrong, tell me you are wrong, tell me about life and love. Just tell me all of that below in the comments section.