Friday, May 26, 2017

Feeling Felt Part 1

I had a felt filled 2016. I did a lot of work with felt throughout the year with teaching myself how to needle felt and learning how to felt various fibers. Christmas ended up being the most felt intensive holiday of them all.

I have seen so many felt ornaments over the years and have always wanted to make them to gift others (or myself). Felt ornaments just feel like a homemade Christmas to me.

So I decided to make some felt ornaments for a couple swaps I was in. Some of the folks in one of the swaps I was in weren't as interested in Christmas themed ornaments exclusively. So I decided to go with a theme of mythical creatures. Some celebrating Christmas, some not. Let's start with those non-celebrating creatures.

This unicorn was made of store-bought sparkly felt. I embroidered the unicorn with white and silver thread to make it shine.

The pig is made from store bought felt and hand embroidered and beaded.

 Onto the "Christmas-y" ornaments -

This is a Jackalope (mythical horned rabbit creature) who carries his mistletoe with him because he never wants to be caught without. Made of store bought felt and hand embroidered and beaded.

Finally we have an anthropomorphic pickle. In an ugly Christmas sweater. It's also made of store bought felt and embroidered and beaded by hand.

Lastly I have a one-off ornament I made for a different personal swap.

Looks a little odd at that angle but it's a deer in a scarf. Again I used store bought felt and embroidered and beaded it by hand.

Alright, that does it for Christmas ornaments, I still have a couple Christmas-time pieces to share and then we're on to Valentines day. I promise to get us up to what I am currently working on. Keep checking back!

As always comments and questions are welcome just look for the little box below!

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