Friday, May 26, 2017

Mixed Media Valentines

It WAS valentines day not that long ago. The website I trade on had another incredibly fun Valentines card swap, so I wanted to share a few of those cards. I created 17 unique postcards to trade with other artists.

I decided to do a linocut block print for the central theme of the cards so that I could use those prints and then embellish them as needed to create unique pieces. So lets start with the linoblock, I carved the image of two cats (kind of yin-yang) whose little rear ends and tails created a heart. I then printed the cats in several styles - ombre going from white to dark pink, pink, and black. I also carved some smaller heart stamps out of soft linoleum blocks.

The other media I used were watercolors, drawing ink, pens, stamping ink, and glitter.

Lets get to the art!

You can see the cat linocut in detail here. On the left I printed it onto block printing paper, on the right I printed it straight on the watercolor paper. The card on the right was done in watercolor and drawing inks. 

 These two cards showcase that faded Ombre printing I was doing. When I laid out the ink to print the cats I put the red ink at the bottom and white ink at the top and then used the brayer to blend the colors. Again I printed onto printing paper (Reeves BFK) and finely cut it out and glued it onto thicker watercolor paper that I had decorated with the smaller heart stamps I cut.

 These two cards were done much the same as the previous ones however they were placed onto paper that had been decorated with a few watercolor washes and techniques. I then drew or stamped hearts and the one on the right I glittered some of the hearts.

Finally we come to the drawing inks cards. I used the inks much like watercolor to get light washes and then decorated with undiluted drawing inks to create all the hearts.

That's it! There were several more that I did but these were my favorites (or were better photographed). More posts about art coming up!

As always, questions, comments, concerns? Want me to create a tutorial for something I have posted? Find the box below and let me know!

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